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Operationalizing the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual: A preliminary study of the Psychodiagnostic Chart

Published Online:

The Psychodiagnostic Chart (PDC) operationalizes the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM) Adult section. The authors collected 104 PDC cases from 15 psychologists who are experts with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2). They found very good construct validity when the PDC was compared to MMPI-2, the Karolinska Psychodynamic Profile (KAPP), and the Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnosis (OPD) Psychic Structure/Mental Functioning Scales. They found very good reliability for the 73 cases with a 2-week test-retest of the PDC. Additionally, 61 psychologists were recruited from listservs and asked to use the PDC on a recent client; 84% rated Level of Personality Organization as “helpful-very helpful” in understanding their patients. There was also similar support for the Personality Patterns or Disorders and Mental Functioning dimensions. In comparison, only 31% rated the ICD or DSM symptoms as “helpful-very helpful” in understanding their patients. The PDC may be used for diagnoses, treatment formulations, progress reports, and outcome assessment, as well as for empirical research on the PDM.