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Guidelines for International Training in Mental Health and Psychosocial Interventions for Trauma Exposed Populations in Clinical and Community Settings

Objective: To develop consensus-based guidelines for training in mental health and psychosocial interventions for trauma-exposed populations in the international arena.

Participants: The Task Force on International Trauma Training of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Evidence: The Task Force engaged in a 1-year dialogue on the practice of international training, drawing upon field experience, literature review, and consultation with key informants.

Consensus Process: This statement was prepared on the basis of shared dialogue, consensus decision making, and a writing process involving all Task Force members. It was then disseminated for review to more than 200 professionals of more than 60 service and academic organizations. Written and oral suggestions from over 80 persons were incorporated and revisions made on the basis of consensus.

Conclusions: The generated guidelines addresses four dimensions: (1) values, (2) contextual challenges in societies during or after conflicts, (3) core curricular elements, and (4) monitoring and evaluation. The guidelines can improve international training in mental health and psychosocial interventions for trauma-exposed populations by providing principles and strategies intended to steer those who seek informed recommendations, to generate focused debates on areas where there is as yet no broad consensus, and to stimulate research and inquiry.


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